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How it all started.

To tell this part of the story one must understand what happens post University. What is it that happens post university? Work… work is what happens.

In broad brush, sweeping, catch all stereotyping terms post university you get a job that takes over your life. Your weekends become more about getting through the list of tasks that need doing about the home, cleaning, maintenance, diy, weekly shopping etc etc. Leaving little time for catching up with your friends over a beer or just to hangout and chat.  This is not all of a sudden, no it’s more like a creeping death to your social life and time spent with friends. 

When you do get the time to meet them it descents into a session of binge drinking and little else. At some point I started to get a bit bored of the repetitiveness of this cycle of affairs, which my friends would probably gape at me and wonder who’s this person is and what have I done with their friend!!

So I got to thinking what we could do as a group every so often that might still involve beer but not be all about drinking, could involve doing something else alcohol or not. 

So I decided DnD was the answer, I had played as a kid and in many ways missed the game, the worlds that I’d built up in my mind, the characters, adventures and dumb ideas we had tried to pull off and sometimes succeeded. So DnD it was, but now to get my friends involved. Some had never ever played, my wife included. 

Well the pitch went ok, I went ahead and bought the 4e books and started studying like hell. My idea so I can damn well DM.  That was 6 years ago…. we played between 2-8 times a year so our campaign takes a frightfully long time and I’ll admit if it all pans out were only a quarter of the way through.  

As this is my first blog ever I feel I need to apologise for the lengthy background above, but I feel it’s needed to give some idea as to why we play, why it’s so damn infrequent and well…. you’ll see… why we are where we are.

I will also take the chance here to thank my friends and my loving wife as they read this for supporting me in this mad endeavour and putting up with years of DnD dominated conversation. The characters they have, have been an inspiration to me and the fact they are willing to get round a table and throw some dice is what drives me to try my best and make each session something I hope they remember.

By now you dear reader will be wonders when the hell is this guy going to get into the ‘Who are these characters and what the hell have they been up to???’ Well it will take a few posts to get you up to speed but my intention with this is partly to track the story of what happens in game but also to provide some content out of game.

All I ask is that you bear with me and join me on this next stage of our journey as friends and characters in a world that sort of exists in my mind and that of my  group. 

Over the next few posts I intend to give a run down of the characters (well how I see them when I peek over the screen) the story so far and maybe… just maybe a week sneaky scrying view of what is going on elsewhere in the realm. Yes this will probably give the players some knowledge of what’s going on their characters have no knowledge of but it will help me keep me on track. It will (I hope) give the players a sense of the consequences of their actions or inactions.

I say this because the cross roads the characters have thus far reached will split into 3 or more campaigns all influencing the other and as much as it will be for the players to choose which road to go down. Thus action on one means inaction on another and so everything from here on will have a consequence of some sort.

Until my next roll of the blog dice……

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